Scooter Frequently Asked Questions


Why should I buy my new scooter from Second City Scooters?

First and foremost, our scooters are very affordable and of high quality. We have an exclusive relationship with Lance Powersports and SYM USA that allows us to sell high quality scooters at a great price. We have a great selection of styles and colors and we back our scooters with an excellent 2-year warranty and service.

What is included in your listed price?

Price includes the scooter, a two year warranty on new scooters (30 day warranty on used scooters), paperwork and dealer prep. Price does not include shipping, handling (to our shop, not to your door), or pre-delivery inspection at our warehouse in California. Price does not include what the state takes: vehicle tax, title or registration. Ask about local delivery.

What should I expect when it’s time to buy my scooter? What’s the purchase process? How long will it take? Should I bring anything with me? Are there any additional fees?

Buying a scooter is easy and relatively quick. Follow these steps:

  1. Pick the right scooter for you. It should feel comfortable, look good, and be the right scooter for where you will do most of your riding (neighborhood, city, or highway).
  2. Get your accessories. The only accessory that you must have is some form of protective lens for your eyes (sunglasses, goggles, helmet shield, etc.) . We have some inexpensive scooter shades in lots of styles and colors that will get you started (or bring your own). After that you should consider a helmet, a lock, a cover, and riding gloves, in that order. You can get those accessories when you buy your scooter (we do offer package deals) or later on.
  3. The purchase. You can purchase your new scooter and accessories using cash, credit (Visa, Mastercard only), debit, or check. We can also help you with financing through the bank of your choice. We can give you an accurate quote at anytime; it would the price of the scooter, about $200 in fees (shipping/freight, PDI, set-up), accessories (dependent on what you select), registration ($195 in Illinois- we cannot process out-of-state registration), and taxes (currently 8.5% in Cook County and 7.25% for the rest of Illinois- we do not collect tax for out-of-state purchases). We will need to see at least a valid automobile driver’s license in order for you to make the purchase. You will receive your temporary registration that we will put on your scooter until you receive your permanent plates and title in the mail. Titling and registering your scooter will run about $195. That includes everything you need to be legal on your scooter and keep Mayor Emanuel and Governor "fill in the blank" happy.
  4. Scooter features and safety briefing. Once the paperwork is done and the scooter is ready to go, we will spend time with you going over the features of your new scooter, review the warranty and maintenance schedule, familiarize you with the owner’s manual, and make sure you are comfortable with your new scooter. We'll then spend some time on how to ride safely.
What accessories should I have and are they available at Second City Scooters?

We have affordable, high quality accessories to get you on the road in comfort, style, and with safety and security in mind. In order of importance:

  • Protective Eyewear (required in Illinois and most states)
  • Helmets (not required but HIGHLY recommended)
  • Locks (peace of mind if you are leaving your scooter alone…..)
  • Covers (keeps the goop off)
  • Battery Tender (so your scooter is ready to go when you are)
  • Windscreen (makes your Cali Classic look like a “Harley” police cruiser... or keeps the bugs out of your teeth)
Does Second City Scooters offer service, maintenance or warranties?

All of our scooters have a two year power train warranty (LANCE & SYM scooters come with a 2-year parts & labor Warranty). We service and maintain all of our scooters to keep them running all season long.

What if Second City Scooters doesn't have the model or color I want? How quickly can it be ordered for me?

If we have it in our warehouse in California we can get your scooter in about 5 business days. Otherwise, we will try to find your scooter through our dealer network.

Please note: During the off season (August - February), we must apply a $100 Off Season Purchase-Orders fee to a purchase of a scooter that we do not have in stock at the shop, and must be special ordered.

What scooter financing options do you offer?

We currently offer financing through Synchrony and Nextep. We also offer PayPal and Bill Me Later, both at the shop and with online pruchases. Contact the shop for the details to set up financing. We also offer scooter lay-a-way. There is a non-refundable $400 deposit. Payments are typically divided over 10-12 months.

What are some of the environmental, economic advantages to buying a scooter from Second City Scooters?

Our scooters are California EPA certified. On a scale of 1-10 with 1 being the cleanest, our scooters rate a 2.5. That’s really clean. The engine is an electroplated ceramic cylinder 4-stroke (SYM scooters), so you don’t have to mix the oil and gas. When we change your oil, we recycle it through the proper avenues. Our scooters average 75 miles per gallon or higher, so you are using much less gas than a car, which means less pollution and fewer dollars handed over to Big Oil.

Do I need a motorcycle license for my scooter?

While you'll only need a regular driver's license to purchase a scooter from us, you'll need the proper licensing to operate the scooter. Scooters less than 150cc's (this includes 50cc scooters like the Lance Cali Classic 50cc), a L-class motorcycle license is required to operate it. Scooters 150cc's or more require a M-class motorcycle license. Getting a motorcycle license is fun! Local community colleges and scooter schools will get you up and running with confidence in as little as two weeks. Take your school certificate to the DMV and get your motorcycle license on the spot. Or, take the written exam, get your learner’s permit, practice and ride with a friend who has a motorcycle license, then take your riding test (basically a balance and agility test – stay inside the cones and don’t put your feet down before you stop!).

Do I need insurance for my scooter?

Yes. It’s a lot less than an automobile. I pay $90/year. Most people pay between $75 and $250. Shop around.

Where can I park my scooter in Chicago? (and answers to other Chicago-related scooter info)

Basically think of your scooter as a two-wheeled car. There’s not a lot of difference in terms of parking and street etiquette. The City of Chicago has a great pamphlet on scooter parking in Chicago. We have them at the store. Basically, scooters have to do everything cars do (feed the meter, stay off the sidewalk, pay for garage parking -- there are a few garages that will give you a break, and obey all traffic laws). Scooters have to park perpendicular to the curb (so cars can see them). It’s a $25 fine if you park parallel to the curb. But here’s the BEST news: You don’t need a residential parking permit or visitor permit to park in residential parking zones. That means easy access to "The Cell" and Wrigley Field!! Oh, you’ll need a City Sticker -- $45.

Does my scooter require a lot of maintenance? What do I do with it in the winter?

Our scooters don’t require a lot of maintenance. Follow the maintenance schedule we give you for best results and to keep your warranty intact. In the winter, we can winterize your scooter and store it in our warm basement. Or you can winterize it (drain the fluids, pour some Sta-bil in the gas tank, unhook your battery and put it on a battery tender, clean the surfaces, and put it on its center stand) and keep it in your garage. Worst case, but acceptable, is to winterize your scooter and keep it outside under a cover, locked up and in a legal spot.

Purchasing Scooters Online

What forms of payment to you accept?

We accept all major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, JCB through PayPal), as well as PayPal.

What are off-season purchases?

"Off Season Purchase-Orders" refer to scooters that must be special ordered (not in-stock) during the months of Aug-Feb. If you are purchasing a scooter that we have in-stock any month of the year, no extra charges will be applied. The Off Season Purchase Order charge is $100. For example, if you purchase a black Cali Classic 125 in December that Second City Scooters has in-stock the price is $2199. If you purchase a red Cali Classic 125 in December that Second City Scooters does not have in-stock and must order, the price is $2299.

Will there be sales taxes applied?

Illinois customers will be charged a sales tax as applicable to the state and any additional tax by their municipality. Customers outside of Illinois but within the United States will not be charged a sales tax, with the exception of select states which are not exempt. Sales tax will be validated and reconciled at time of receipt of purchased product.

How is Title & Registration handled?

As the official paperwork must be filled out and payment collected, we handle this at the time of receipt, not at the time of purchase.

Do you offer delivery for scooters purchased online?

We can help arrange delivery up to 10 miles for a rate of approx $60-$150. Located more than 10 miles away? Call us and we will get a quote. Payment for delivery is made prior to the delivery of your scooter. Credit card and PayPal are both accepted. Cash also accepted in person.

What is the timeframe from order to receipt of scooter?

If the purchased scooter resides at the shop at the time of purchase, we will set the scooter to the side, prep it, the contact you to schedule pick-up. If the purchased scooter does not reside at the shop at the time of purchase, we will order it immediately from the supplier. Turnaround for orders are typically between 7 to 10 business days. Once we recveive the scooter and prep it, we will contact you to schedule pickup.

How will I be notified when my scooter is ready for pick-up?

As part of the online purchase process, we ask for your phone number, as a method of contact, for when your scooter is ready for pickup.

What happens if I wish to cancel my purchase after ordering online?

If you purchase online and choose not to follow through with your purchase, a 5% processing fee will be incurred.

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