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Warmer weather approaching? Tacked on 600 miles since your last tune-up? Scooter acting up, not riding or sounding the way it should? About to store the scooter for the season? Or maybe it's the dead of winter with dry roads and warm weather seemingly no where in sight. These are great times to consider maintenance, giving your trusted, dependable scooter some TLC.

Second City Scooter's expert maintenance staff have over three decades of experience servicing all makes and models of scooters; from Vespas, Hondas, Kymco, Piaggio, Yamaha and ZNEN to BMS, Lance and SYM and all others. We have access to an extensive network of parts distributors, so you can be sure that if a part is needed, we'll likely find it.

Need another reason to consider our maintenance services? We're scooter riders and enthusiasts ourselves. We not only work on scooters, we live and breathe scoots. Its what we do, who we are. And our passion is seeing others enjoy the scooter lifestyle.

Here's our scooter maintenance recommendations:

Spring Tune-up

Start off the scooter riding season with a overall tune-up, which includes:

A Dirt Scooter Carburetor
  • Gear Oil Change
  • Clean the Air Filter
  • Change the Spark Plugs
  • Inspect/Clean/Adjust the ...
    • Throttle
    • Brakes
    • Battery
    • Suspension
    • Nuts and bolts
    • Wheels and tires
    • Steering

Every 1000 Miles (or 4 months) Tune-up

After every 1000 miles of riding (if commuting in the city, that could mean about every 2 months or if riding leisurely on the weekends, at mid-season), you'll want to perform another overall tune-up (see above). Doing so proactively will insure a safe, smooth ride, and extend the life of your health, happy scooter. Not doing so will create surprises, and mean making an appointment to fix your scooter (right when you wanted to ride it).Don’t forget to change your engine oil too! This should be happening every 500-600 miles.

End of Season Tune-up / Winter Maintenance

At the end of the season, once you're finished riding for the year, is a great time to get your scooter tuned-up for over the winter and the next riding season. An overall tune-up is called for, possibly time to check or replace those belts and/or rollers.

The Winter off season is a perfect time to take care of your scooter. With riding downtime at hand, this is a good time to perform an overall inspection, tune-up, repairs or even obtain a scooter upgrade, enhancing the performance of your scooter. And if you need a place to safe store your scooter over the winter, you can check out our Winter storage service and associated Winterization services.

Send us an email or call the shop for price quotes on these services.

Had a great experience with Second City. You have to call in advance to make an appointment. The hourly labor cost is cheaper then at another nearby competitor and they actually know what they are doing. They work on Chinese scooters and were nice enough to fix a few odds and ends that were also broken besides the min reason why I took it in for repair. Everything was done within the on hour they charged me and service was done with a 1 day turn around. —Jaime M.

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