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  Lance Cali Classic 125 Toyota Camry
MPG 90 30
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OK, it's officially winter. That means it is time to start thinking about Spring and buying that scooter you have always wanted. We can help! We have over 25 scoots in stock, left over from last season. From 50cc to 300cc. Even a few motorcycles, including the Wolf Classic and the new SYM T2 250i. So, to get you ready for Spring, we are offering a no-charge layaway plan for any scooter or motorcycle in stock. Come in now, pick out your scoot, and with $200 down we will save it for you till spring. That means we will store it for FREE and it will be ready to roll when the snow melts and the tulips start to show. Our first shipment of scoots in the spring always goes fast; beat the rush and get your scoot reserved now. For those of you who like the idea of no-charge layaway, free storage, and no interest charges, but don't want to be limited to what we have in stock, you can put any scoot of your dreams on layaway even if we do not have it in stock. The only difference from choosing a scoot off the floor is that you will need to pony up for the shipping charges. That will run you about $175. But you can get exactly what you want and be ready for Spring too! Of course, you can join the many Second City Scooter customers who ride year round and just come in and buy a scoot this Winter. You will save $200 off the price of the scooter and get a free helmet. This offer is good until the scoots are gone. At which time it will be Spring, and the scooter madness will begin in earnest once again.

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This is the best place in Chicago to get a scooter ... period. —Lathan M.

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